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Laser Engraving

Using the laser engraving technique allows us to capture photos, hand prints, handwriting, and detailed images to engrave onto our products for a memorable and lasting gift. Laser engraving is done on the outside or exterior of projects crafted from glass, wood, metal, leather, and plastic product lines.

The Laser Engraving Process

Once your order is placed, one of our designers will make a digital file for your order. You'll always see a proof for a custom order, but original and personalized order proofs will need to be requested. Once you approve the proof, the product is prepped for engraving, and the laser is calibrated for each specific item.
The design is then set to a digital template and sent to the in-house engraver. The engraver sets up the X and Y axis, as well as the speed and pressure settings. This step takes patience and diligence. Mistakes cannot be erased, so if the design is not set up correctly, the engraving process will have to start all over. Once started, laser engravings can take up to a minimum of one hour for a 12 x 12 inch area, or longer for larger products. Carvers Ridge can laser up to 18 x 24 inches.


For original and personalized designs, we strive for a turnaround time of 1-3 business days and 3-5 business days for custom orders.